The Role of a Teacher in Society

A good teacher is always present to support, love, and care for their students with patience and compassion. The most critical relationship in a child’s life is a teacher, besides the parents and siblings. If a child’s relationship with the teacher is firmly based on honesty, sincerity, and truth, it will determine positive relationships in the child’s future life.

A teacher’s role is to ensure that the child is always guided in the right direction. A teacher’s influence is deeply imprinted on the child’s mind and affects their whole life. Teachers can build or ruin a child’s beliefs, behavior, thought, attitude, skills, and entire personality.

Remember your students will try to imitate you, so make sure you are always positive and constructive. You have to promote cultural ethics, morality, and productivity in those curious minds. If a child’s eagerness to learn is not satisfied on time, they can develop aggressive habits.

Remember, every child has a different mind and body, and the time they take to achieve a milestone can vary from individual to individual. If the teachers are responsible and fulfill the child’s basic literary needs, they will turn into future leaders.

Cooperation and obedience from the students are also necessary to develop a healthy teacher-student relationship. Teachers are the role models that shape the children psychologically, socially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The teacher should show selfless, self-sacrificing devotion to the students to achieve maximum success.

The Role of a Teacher in Society

Teaching is not all about making money and turning rich overnight. Instead, the teacher teaches fundamental ethical values and right from wrong and shows what is acceptable and unacceptable by demonstrating the basic norms of the society or culture where they are both located. If the teacher respects their students unconditionally and equally, they will turn into respectable and admirable persons.

In societies that have students belonging to different countries, races, backgrounds, cultures that dress differently, speak other languages or speak English in various accents, the responsibility of the teachers is even more significant to maintain and promote equality and positivity among all students. In addition, the teacher should develop gender equality, anti-sexism, anti-racism, and anti-prejudice among the students.

The teachers should not be technology-obsessed as it can repress the child’s natural creativity and makes them dependent on pre-designed things. Not all parents are financially strong. I have seen a teacher spend her whole month’s salary to buy a pair of shoes for one of her students, the son of a poor farmer, to keep him safe from the frost. You must also encourage your wealthy students to make donations for the health and safety of those who can’t afford their necessities.

To sum up, a teacher’s word choice, tone, thoughts, and physical appearance all deeply affect the student’s personality. Trust, compassion, affection, and discipline will make your lesson enjoyable and fruitful. The success in the lives of your students is only because of you. In return, you will get love and respect from your students.

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