3 reasons why 80% of men are unfaithful

Many women think that men are tamed once they are in a relationship, and this belief often plunges them into an extreme delusion. A man will never cease to be what he is: a creature who must be able to command. That’s why questions about premature ejaculation or sexual performance always cut so deep. So why are 80% of men unfaithful?

1. Absence of female moans during your lovemaking

Sex is very important for the stability of your relationship. Yes ladies! You may not know, but every couple, like the oxygen that rekindles the flame, needs sex. Most women are often quite reserved when it comes to sex. It is true that men have a whole different way of seeing things.

To bind your man in a way that he doesn’t want to go anywhere else, you need to get over your shyness. If you think screaming during sex is ridiculous, you definitely need to change your reasoning. Not screaming during sex is one of the 3 reasons 80% of men cheat. In fact, screaming during sex with your sweetheart is very important. In the eyes of your partner, it represents your level of satisfaction, proof that you really feel pleasure. Your man needs to feel that he is really giving you pleasure. This is why failing to scream during sex can make your partner want to look elsewhere. So ladies, don’t hesitate, let yourself go! Do not refrain from screaming during sex.

2. Monotony in the couple

Relations are not mathematical equations that have ready-made answers. Each relationship is unique and special. Like a flame, a loving relationship must be nurtured. It is like giving water to a plant to make it grow. Likewise, a romantic relationship must be nurtured for the couple to last. It means that your relationship needs to be renovated and changed.

The search for this novelty can lead some men to see if the grass is greener elsewhere. As soon as a couple begins repetition of some habits, monotony sets in. To avoid this, don’t hesitate to push your limits, be creative and surprise your partner. Host a small candle light dinner, for example. Or change your style, try to arouse the desire of your partner with sexy lingerie for example.

3. The desire to test new experiences

Many people associate male infidelity with a lack of love. However, many love coaches, including Alexandre Cormont, have shown that this is not necessarily the case. One of the 3 reasons why 80% of men are unfaithful is the urge to try new experiences.

It’s true! It’s that simple, it is not always possible to make all your fantasies come true with your partner. But then again, you have to be creative and find compromises to keep your man to yourself.

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